Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Michael!

Michael is now 22 years of age (his birthday was actually September 11; I'm a little late). I just wanted to put up a few pictures about his special day.

Note: check out that sweet Ghostbusters tray.

Thanks to sis for the fantastic "ugly" cake:

Beatles Rockband Party:

T'was a lovely time. Thanks everyone for making it so much fun for my sweet boy.


  1. "A glorious day!" I like the new pic sis, the cut really suits you. And again, Happy Birthday Mike! Speaking of Births, Taun is now no longer a teen:( Weird.

  2. I could really go for some waffles right now. They look delish! Sunday was a good time! Happy Birthday once again Mike.

  3. Did Michael actually sleep in the bed or was that staged for the photog? I'm suspicious!

  4. I love the cake! Missy, what a gal. Guehhhh! (Doesn't she make a noise that could be spelled that way?) I'm glad you could all rock out together...sounds like lots of fun! Widdew Jiew.