Monday, February 16, 2009


For Valentine's Day, Michael and I went to the grocery store with Jordan and Kev (my brother-in-law and his husband) and purchased 4lbs of crab, 4 New York steaks, 4 potatoes for baking, a bunch of asparagus, red wine (for Jord and Kev), and grape and orange soda (for Michael and I). We played on the Wii while Jord and Kev prepared the meal, masterful chefs they be. Once the food was done we all sat down in the front room and ate our delicious Valentines meals on TV trays and watched Annie. It was a-w-e-s-o-m-e! We then enjoyed the most beautiful tart I've ever seen that was covered with fruit. After that, Michael took me to The Sev to make me his PERFECT mixture of hot chocolate. We sat in the car and sipped our hot chocs and exchanged gifties while listening to the prettiest of tunes. Michael got me a really pretty necklace and a new Rock Band guitar! I have included a picture of said items above. Over-all, it was the best Valentine's I have ever had!

Note from Meegol: Jill has left the room momentarily. Dare I sniff? I think so. I love you, Jilly. You're the best. Kiss me :)

Which Chee do you choose?

Macaroni and Cheese. Also known as Mac and Chee, or just Chee if you live in our household. Isn't it such a perfect delight of life? Michael and I enjoyed one box of Pokemon-shaped Macaroni today. For some reason he's been watching Pokemon lately and since he's got the stinky old flu I thought we'd get him a special type of Chee. It was quite delicious but I found that even though the cheese gets caught inside the shapes in a very pleasing-to-the-palate sort of way, I still much prefer the texture and over-all flavor of Spirals. Michael concurs. We are both very unhappy about the miniscule amount of spiral noodles that they put into the box. It's never enough to fill you up. We find that we are easily able to devour an entire box on our own (trying not to acknowledge the ugly amount of butter being consumed, of course). So anyway, I just wanted to send this message out there to bring up the question in your own minds. What is your favorite type of Chee?

Ina & Geoffry

Here we are in our new rustic barn. Just finishing off a beautiful and incredible meal that I composed-from scratch mind you. I believe we'll take in a show later. Then dessert. I'll whip up a batch of my barefoot contessa brownies....I won't even have to measure.